10 Amazing Discoveries that Changed Astronomy in 2017

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We’re at the tail-end of 2017 and what a year for astronomy and space science! I’m excited to talk about ten astronomy discoveries that help shape and change 2017. I will organize these by discovery date. Let’s jump right to it!   1) NASA and European Astronomers Discover 7 Earth-Size Planets Orbiting Red Dwarf Star The search for life is one of the most critical questions for astronomy and even humanity. Are we alone in the universe or are there other life forms, even intelligent ones? Well in February of 2017, NASA and European astronomers discovered seven planets that may support life. These seven planets orbit a red dwarf, a star much smaller and cooler than ours, called TRAPPIST-1. The size of this star is only slightly larger than our gas giant Jupiter. It’s located 39.5 light-years away from Earth. That means if we had the technology to travel at the...

Happy Astronomy Day!

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Welcome to BrownSpaceMan!   Hello space travellers and citizens alike. Today is Astronomy day! What a great day to celebrate the love of astronomy between astronomers and the public. I fell in love with astronomy through the father of astronomy himself. Carl Sagan. I thank him for unlocking my passion for truth, the universe, and life as we know it. Here are a few crazy facts that astronomers have uncovered that will humble you.   5 Interesting Facts About Astronomy 1) We all know that the universe is really really really really really big. Unimaginably big. What we didn’t know is that we hardly even take up any space. I’m not talking about the Milky Way. I’m talking about matter. Here’s what I mean:   We don’t fully understand what dark energy is nor dark matter and that takes up most of the universe. Unbelievable.   2) If you were to...