What Being an Astronomy Fan has Taught Me

By on Feb 18, 2016 in My two cents | 0 comments

Astronomy or even just science has taught me so much in my life that I figured I should share my key takeaways. I’m still learning so it’ll be great to revisit this post in about 5-10 years to see what else I’ve picked up. Before I jump in to this post I should give you some context about myself, the BrownSpaceman. Here are a few points about me before I really noticed the beauty of the universe and the poetry of science. I did not enjoy science in school and often struggled with math I enjoyed astronomy but nothing beyond looking through a telescope I rarely thought or looked at things in a scientific way   Flash forward to my third year in university I took an astronomy course with a friend. I mostly took it because I liked astronomy and heard it was an easy course (some motivation I had!). I didn’t find anything too eye opening to be honest. However, one...