NASA Invests in 22 Exploration Concepts that will Ignite the Future

By on Apr 16, 2017 in NASA News | 0 comments

NASA knows that humankind has many problems to face in the future. In fact today we not only have to worry about climate change and human problems but we still haven’t figured out or tested any solutions to prevent an asteroid collision. However, don’t fret we’re investing in these 22 awesome exploration concepts that will help us solve for some of these problems. So let’s jump into what these are. I should mention that NASA has broken these investments up in two phases. We’ll go over in what each phase is exactly along with what these technologies can do as well. It will still take at least 10 years of development and testing before NASA can implement these into any mission but that’s how hard space is sometimes. It can be really easy to have failures and issues which is why you test test and test again. Space can be unforgiving if anything goes...