Top 10 Astronomy Discoveries in 2015

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What a year it has been for science and astronomy. From the first up close and personal images of Pluto to key insights of what happened to Mars’ water, it’s been nothing short of excitement. While we’ve made some great discoveries this year we’ve also had some fantastic surprises as well that are worth mentioning. Without further delay let’s jump into the best astronomy discoveries of 2015!   1. New Horizons makes historic Pluto flyby and delivers incredible data Credit: NASA Arguably one of the most exciting discoveries in 2015 or perhaps as far as the last decade is Pluto. As one of the most controversial planets this dwarf planet gave us a heart, moons, and a bizarre surface. There is still more data on the way for Pluto and we’re still discovering more and more. Check out Sky and Telescopes “Top 10 Surprises from Pluto” for a...

17 Amazing Reasons to Why We Should Be Excited About Space

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17 Amazing Reasons to Why We Should Be Excited About Space   Over the years I have been fortunate to meet and talk to such brilliant, passionate, and inspiring space advocates. They’ve all done amazing jobs spreading the excitement of space exploration to the masses. I’ve taken a group of special space advocates that I think everyone needs to know about. I asked them this one question: Question: What NASA or space project are you most excited about and why? Also please feel free to leave an answer in the comments below. I would love to see what you’re excited about. Back to Top Alan Boyle An award winning science and technology journalist, he’s a man who brought us intimate details of the universe right to our door. He’s kept the science community engaged and informed since 1996! Alan is currently a science editor at NBC News Digital, writes for his...

Your 2013 Guide to the Top Space Discoveries of the Year

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  What a year it has been for astronomy! There have been some amazing discoveries like finding more habitable planets that contained water to the more bittersweet stories such as the malfunctioning of the Kepler Spacecraft. Nonetheless, it’s that time of the year where we take a look back at some of the top space discoveries of 2013. Let’s take a look!     Our Friend Voyager Enters Interstellar Space Sending Humankind Farther Than Ever Before Back to Top   Voyager 1 and 2 have made humankind proud with how far they have traveled in the depths of space. They have been traveling for over 30 years and they manage to keep sending us data back. It has traveled about 18 billion km! To give you a little perspective, if you traveled at the speed of light it would take you about 35 hours to reach Voyager! I am still very proud of Voyager to keep pushing the...