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How Direct Fusion Drive (DFD) will Revolutionize Space Travel

By on Oct 1, 2016 in Space Technology | 3 comments

Direct Fusion Drive (DFD) could possibly pave the way of traveling in space and to planets. Sometimes I daydream and wish we could somehow speed up the process of getting to planets. It’s a very hard problem and we’re still testing out various solutions for different situations. History shows that humans have planned to go to the moon and beyond since the Apollo program in the early 1970’s. During that time the most advanced propulsion engines were nuclear fission thermal rockets. However, these rocks barely got any use as it was tested a handful of times before the Apollo program was ended. There is a fantastic and nostalgic video for you NASA and space fans on the subject of nuclear thermal rockets. But as science and technology move forward we learn more about space as well as the obstacles it presents. For example, in recent studies where radiation data was...