Falcon Heavy Launches to Infinity and Beyond!

By on Feb 8, 2018 in SpaceX | 0 comments

What a big day for SpaceX! The highly anticipated Falcon Heavy launches on February 6th, 2018. What made this launch fascinating is a couple of things: It’s the first launch of SpaceX’s heavy-duty rocket that will one day bring humans to Mars and even beyond Falcon Heavy is carrying Elon’s Tesla Roadster at a payload (Elon just being fun and crazy Elon!) The spacecraft will cross Mars’ orbit Do you, also, want to watch the Falcon Heavy launch over and over again? Say no more fam! (this is my pad remote!) pic.twitter.com/2qfe2xyUH3 — Craig Vander Galien (@Craig_VG) February 7, 2018 One reason this is so interesting to me is historically NASA has always led the way for space exploration and continues to develop new technologies that solve some of the hardest problems out there. It’s not to say NASA has completely lost that but this huge. The...