Astronomers Discover Surprising New Class of X-Ray Pulsating Stars

By on Mar 26, 2017 in Variable Stars | 0 comments

Pulsating stars have been one of the most intriguing objects in our universe and provide insightful value to how we can map out distances. Astronomers discover a new class of X-ray variable stars that have been in question for the last decade. The team that discovered this is from Canada and the United States. It includes universities such as Villanova, University of Colorado, Harvard, University of Texas, and University of Toronto. To understand why this discovery is amazing we should clear out some of the main pieces here. For one variable stars. These are stars that change in brightness as seen from Earth. However, variable stars have their own sub-classifications and this discovery is specifically looking at Cepheid variable stars. These stars have periodic changes in brightness and pulsates radially like a cosmic lighthouse. These are very important to astronomers because we use...