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Furious 20,000 Year Explosion Wolf-Rayet Star 124

By on Feb 19, 2016 in Wolf-Rayet Star | 0 comments

When we think of stars going supernova we might imagine one of the most incredible explosions in the universe. Nothing surprising here. However, when we think about how fast the explosion happens, well there’s a whole different story altogether. Enter Wolf-Rayet Star 124. Before we jump into this particular star let’s take a sidebar and talk about this specific stellar death scenario. Grab your notebook we’re going on the magic schoolbus! okay… I lied… we don’t have the budget… but just stick with me for a minute!   What is a Wolf-Rayet Star? A Wolf-Rayet Star has a few requirements. It is a star at least 20 times massive than our Sun, that begins to die (finishes combining hydrogen into helium) and gives its final farewell. They actually coined the term “live fast and die hard.” So all you adrenaline junkies have nothing on...